Painting purchases


In recent years I have steered the direction of my paintings so that they are primarily about the effect of colour, the interaction of one colour to another. To strengthen and amplify their impact I have simplified compositions, stripped out narrative content and traces of recognisable subject matter. It is not the first time that I have chosen a pared down, abstract looking format as a basis for painting. Twenty three years ago I lived and worked in Australia and over five years produced several bodies of works with a strong use of co-ordinated colour and abstract appearance. However, those works were linked to research about the landscape of Australia and aboriginal survival on the land and those narratives led their form. The paintings were created around my research rather than resting solely on painterly matters such as colour, composition and finishes.

It has been rewarding but initially hard to  jettison the reassuring ‘handle’ of landscapes, stories and still lives that kept appearing unbidden and to just paint with ‘colour’ as the main directive force. Over time I realised that reducing the variety of colours also helped strengthen the works. In conjunction with painting I am using an computer application called Photoshop to try variants on photographs of half finished works. This has freed my approach immensely and I am able to experiment on  colours and alternative compositions very quickly – a ‘fail faster, success sooner’ approach that suits me. Many of these ‘virtual’ workings and trial colourations eventually become prints and works in their own right (See ‘about prints’.)

As for prices – not all works are priced yet. It often feels better to carry on enjoying the painting and allow time and distance travelled to help in placing some value on the works.
By the time you enquire I hope to have a price list on the works in the Paintings Gallery so please contact me for details  and enquiries if you would like to discuss.


Some works are framed. Details and dimensions below, frame sizes refer to the glass/mount size.

Title: SITE (Summer’s Room) AR20191003
Oil on linen – Image size 23 x 24.3cms Waxed oak strip frame 40x40cms with deep cut mount and anti-reflective glass with UV70 protection. 

Oil on linen – Image size 25.5×29.5 ( irregular) Waxed oak strip frame 35x40cms with deep cut mount and anti-reflective glass with UV70 protection. 

Title: SHIFT Study  AR20200505
Oil on linen – Image size 13.5×16.6cms plus surrounding border.Waxed oak strip frame 24x30cms with deep cut mount and anti-reflective glass with UV70 protection. 

Title: SHIFT Series #1.  AR20200605
Oil on linen – Image size 38x51cms. Currently in waxed oak strip frame 66×82.5cms with deep cut mount and standard glass.

Title: LATE NIGHT DRIVE  AR20191201
Oil on primed board – Image size 25.5×30.5 Open unglassed frame. 

Title: COTSWORLD  AR20170406
Acrylic and oil on stretchered canvas – Image size 30.5×30.5 Open unglassed painted wood  frame


Some works have a nice thickness on account of their battened substrate and can be displayed without framing.

Both works are 26×33.5 x 2.5cms and are shown on the Painting gallery