2020 update

Along with everyone else, I have had to rethink this year and whilst some of my plans have fallen by the wayside, I have been very lucky to be able to use that time differently – more of that later.

My ambition in January had been to expand the use of ultra-high resolution photography that fellow photographer Nick Turner and I developed to document large scale artworks and wall hangings. Commissions for this process, inevitably, were cancelled from March onwards, although some regular photography work continues and my licensed images can be viewed and purchased as usual on alamy.com

Opening my studio as part of the annual Stroud Valley Arts open studios also, sadly fell victim to Covid-19 so I was unable to show my artworks from recent years. The restrictions of lockdown and new ways of moving around and socialising mean that I have had extra time gifted to creating in my studio.What I have missed though is the feedback that comes from informal studio visits and an ongoing dialogue with friends and neighbours dropping round.

So I would like to share with you what I have been working on and invite comment and a conversation.  There is now an ‘Artworks’ folder on this, my photography website. Details on the prints are under Print Purchases and I will reply to any enquiries and price requests on the paintings. I do hope you will get in touch and help keep the dialogue going.

Anyone who wishes to is very welcome to visit my garden studio in Stroud during December on a safe bookings only system, Tier restrictions allowing. Please contact me if you would like to book a slot.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

About Nigel Noyes

I am a Stroud based photographer in Gloucestershire whose regular clients include architects, artists, Cotswold businesses, publishers, and organisations involved in the arts and crafts. Seven of my twenty-three years professional experience were spent working in Sydney, Australia on editorial and commercial assignments. My work on interiors, eco-architecture, gardens and food has been published in international magazines, business publications, catalogues and websites.

Alongside being a commercial photographer I am also an artist working in the mediums of painting and printmaking. I have had three solo exhibitions in Australia, two in the U.K and have been involved in a number of open studios with SVA.

Licensed images

A large selection of my images can be viewed and purchased on alamy.com

Published work

My photography images have illustrated eight books, one of which I also authored and one illustrated in pen and ink.

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Documenting Art 

I have over twenty years experience in documenting flat, 3D and installation artworks. This is a precision discipline where colour accuracy and technique are a pre-requisite. Building strong working relationships with others and agreeing interpretation has also been key in showing artworks to their best.

Gigapixel photography for large scale Fine Art

Capturing ultra high resolution files of very large 2D artworks including tapestries, mosaics, frescoes, murals, wallpapers and hangings is now possible.The technique and portable nature of the equipment we use allows us to shoot in awkward or tight spaces such as corridors and small rooms without resort to having artworks moved to more spacious surroundings.The photographic template for this has been fine tuned over the last five years with Nick Turner of TShed Ltd. We work together on these assignments using a custom built robotic camera head originally developed by him for the film industry. This speedily produces multiple, ultra-high resolution images that are stitched together to provide a single, highly detailed, colour accurate file at a 1:1 life size ratio and larger.

We use the latest full-frame, high resolution professional camera models and work with a computer and 27inch monitor on site so that clients might also view work in progress. The images are then colour corrected and finessed in post production before posting into various file formats of choice.

For galleries, artists, designers and crafts people looking to see your work documented please contact me to discuss your projects.


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or call: +(44) 798190 3803