About Nigel Noyes

Nigel Noyes is a Stroud based photographer whose regular clients include architects, artists, Cotswold businesses, publishers, and organisations involved in the arts and crafts. He has considerable professional experience, including seven years working in Sydney, where he undertook both editorial and commercial assignments. His work on interiors, eco-architecture, gardens and food has been published in international magazines, business publications, catalogues and websites.



Nigel has illustrated eight books one of which he also authored.

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For artists wishing to document their work (paintings, sculptures, installations), please contact me to discuss and obtain an individual price.

Capturing very large artworks,such as tapestries mosaics frescoes,murals wallpapers and hangings is also now possible using a custom built robotic camera head which can produce multiple ultra-high resolution images. These are stitched and worked up in post production to provide a single large file at a 1:1 life size ratio and larger. This technology for shooting expansive artworks has been developed over the last five years by Nick Turner of Tshed Ltd. and I work together with him on these assignments.



As well as the selection on this website, Nigel’s photographs can also be viewed on alamy.com